In a pioneering step towards empowering youth and preparing them for the job market, Suhail Industrial Holding Group, in collaboration with Jusour Qatar Manpower Solutions & Co, announced the conclusion of its training program targeting the first batch of Qatari university students.

The students were honored on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, in a ceremony attended by Sheikh Ahmed bin Nawaf Al Thani, Deputy Executive Vice President of Operational Affairs, at Suhail Industrial Holding Group, Ms. Mona Abdel Hadi Rashid Al Masdar, Service Provision Coordinator at Jusour Qatar Manpower Solutions & Co, and Mr. Mohammed Ghazal, General Manager of Al Maha Recruitment Company. They all praised the efforts of the students and the program supervisors, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in developing skills and guiding youth toward successful career paths.

The program focused on equipping students with the necessary skills for the job market, including training in various fields such as marketing, design, and engineering, according to their specializations.

 The organizers explained that this training not only develops technical skills but also enhances personal and professional skills, enabling students to compete effectively in the job market.

This program is part of the “Sahem” initiative by Jusour Qatar Manpower Solutions & Co, a distinguished national initiative aimed at enriching student employment with part-time work as one category among others included in the program.

The initiative seeks to prepare Qatari youth for the job market by providing training opportunities that contribute to the development of both the students and the Qatari job market in a distinctive and pioneering manner.

At the end of the ceremony, the students expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this training program and highlighted the significant benefits they gained, which will undoubtedly improve their future career prospects.